Newsletter 4 (February 6, 2013)

Thank you all.

At today’s Colorado Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affair Committee, Senator Balmer’s and Rep Singer’s Approval Voting Senate Bill 13-065 was defeated 3-2. (To listen to the audio for the meeting, click here.)

We lost.

I am pouting; yet, I’m amazed we’ve made it this far. Thank you all!

The “only” voiced opposition came from the County Clerks. Their concerns included voter confusion, fiscal analysis, voter equipment, process & procedures.

My current speculations are resubmitting the bill in the House next year with critics (Clerks & a voting integrity watch group) being more involved.

Those in attendance were: Royalty: John Brackney and Pat Ratliff, Ha, ha. Mere mortals included: Sen Balmer, Dave K Williams, Paul Tiger, Mike Spalding, Elena Nunez, Ralph Shnelvar, Rich Coolidge, Jim Frye and Natalie Menten, and myself. Some of those who texted in lots of moral support were Clay, Jan, Victor, Maureen, and others.

Thank you all.


Frank Atwood