Newsletter 2 (January 16, 2013)

Approval Voting advocates and friends,

Please contact Colorado State Senators and let them know you support this bill.

Thank you for all your support; I am now writing to ask for even more support. ("What is the reward for good work?" "More work.")

I am very grateful to Senator Balmer for carrying this bill forward. How fortunate and incredulous that we're this far along as is.

There are at least six major hurdles still to overcome: state Senate committee (details below), full Senate, Joint Budget committee, House committee, full House, and Governor's signature.

Again, thank you all,

Frank Atwood

PS: Please remember this bill is enabling legislation for statutory municipalities and special districts to use Approval Voting if they so choose. These would be nonpartisan elections. With Approval Voting for major candidates there will be fewer spoilers and less sabotage; for minor candidates more visibility and viability; for the voters more pragmatic honesty and for the candidates themselves more honest feedback.

PPS: Please Google both CC4AV - Colorado Coalition for Approval Voting and Approval Voting USA. Thanks, again.